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In the early 1990's the Alpha Omicron Association of Lambda Chi Alpha, Inc.(‘Housing Corporation’) began discussions on a capital campaign to raise funds to renovate 1210 E. Third Street (the ‘House’). The Board of Directors of the Housing Corporation at the time were:

  • Bob Disinger, President

  • Robert Scott, Vice President & Secretary

  • Pete Baker, Vice President

  • Al York, Treasurer

  • Joel Wilmoth, Director

  • John Edgeworth, Advisor and Director

  • Bill Butterworth, Director

  • Jamie Hunter, Director

  • Kel Preston, Director

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Prior to the early 1990’s capital campaign it was decided to create an Educational Foundation to assist in charitable, literary and educational purposes. Robert Scott agreed to spear head this endeavor. On December 16, 1994, the Alpha Omicron Educational Foundation, Inc. (‘AO Ed. Foundation’), an Indiana Corporation was formed as a non-profit corporation. The AO Ed. Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation for federal income tax purposes. Cash gifts, non-cash donations, and property transfers to the AO Ed. Foundation are tax-deductible to the donor. The initial Board of Directors of the AO Ed. Foundation were:

  • Hon. Kenneth Todd, President

  • Doug Hannoy, Treasurer

  • Robert Scott, Secretary 

  • Pat Boyle

  • Jeb Conrad

  • David Skirvin

  • Ray Lamm

  • Kirk Kellams

  • Joel Trusty

  • Jeff Green

The purpose of the AO Ed. Foundation is to function for charitable educational purposes and to encourage, assist, promote, foster and support education. In service of its purpose, the AO Ed. Foundation provides scholarships to members of Alpha Omicron Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity at Indiana University to assist in their undergraduate or graduate degrees as well as grants to the Housing Corporation for use in the construction, renovation and/or maintenance of the educational areas within the House.


While dozens of Lambda Chi Alpha alumni have served on the Board of Directors of the AO Ed. Foundation since its inception, the current Board of Directors is:

  • Doug Hannoy

  • Bryon Blohm

  • Bobby Marshall

  • Brad McGaha

  • Matt Hood, Treasurer

  • Alex Echeverria

Since forming, the AO Ed. Foundation has issued over $500,000 in scholarships and other grants. Please consider a tax-deductible gift and donate today

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