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Lambda Chi’s Role in a Brother’s Life - 20 Years Later

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

A great deal of attention is paid to the role of a fraternity in a college student’s life. Rightly so, but college ends, students graduate, young men take jobs, guys get married and have families, change careers...and even age. So what does Lambda Chi have to do with those life changes? A lot!! Sit with a group of AO Lambda Chi’s aged 30’s-50’s, or more, and here is what you will hear - all very true and frequent.

I grew up at the fraternity house. I learned skills as to how to live and work with people different than I was. I met guys from all over the country who became my brothers. I met my wife at a sorority exchange. I realized I was not as smart or as clever as I thought I was, because my brothers had no compunction in telling me so. I became a man. My life really started at 1210 East 3rd Street (our 100 year old Chapter house).

As I advanced in my career, and put on a few years and pounds, I found my fraternity brothers were always there for me. When I succeeded, they cheered but kept me humble. When I fell flat on my face, they propped me up, gave me a hug and said I was better than I felt I was.

As I needed life advice regarding jobs, kids, marriage-the “big issues”, they offered it in sincere friendship. When I needed anything, absolutely anything, they were always there to provide it, no questions asked and no judging.

Of course, I do the same for them. That is how brotherhood works. It is said - home is where you go, and they can’t turn you away. So it is with your fraternity brothers, a resource more valuable than anything else in life.

- Dave Miller

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