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AO Initiates 35 New Members

Our AO Chapter initiated 35 new members on October 20, 2023. The Fall ‘23 Class is

an outstanding group of men, with an outstanding GPA of 3.63 for the Class!! New members are: Alex Cutsinger, Carter Gutt, Victor Zandona, Sam Conner, Ethan Boes, Jaden Seth, Drake Gallardo (son/nephew AO’s Pat and Steve Gallardo), Nicholas Svendsen, Alex Thompson (son of AO Troy Thompson), Ryan Pollard, Josh Rosenbloom, Patrick Rice, Nick Ragone, Wyatt Rudman, Anthony Riley, Quentin Riley, Ethan Rice, James Hiatt (son/nephew/grandson AO’s James Hiatt, Jeff Hiatt, Paul Hiatt and John Hiatt), Nick Nebrich, Jacob Clark, Brooks Helms, Andrew Gendy, Ben Pigot, Griffin Gillard (cousin AO Logan Gillard), James Moffett, Grant Cooper, Luke Anderson, Tyler Streepey, Casey Alderman, Matthew Keaney, Carter Daley, Stein Phillip, Flynn Megaw, Ethan Tanner (son Eric Tanner- LX at Vincennes) and Jayden Rodriguez. It was a great initiation ritual. I am told, that fewer than 6 Greek houses at IU still conduct their ritual from memory. We do! What a credit to our brothers. Our initiates now extend to AO2625. Be proud - our chapter is growing, strong, and honoring tradition.

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