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Reinventing a Classic: The (nearly) Centenarian Fraternity House at 1210 East Third Street

How often do you come across a building, much less a fraternity house, that has boldly faced the march of time and stands proudly after a century? I'm willing to bet the list is short. But take a stroll down to 1210 East Third Street, and you'll step into a home that's not just quirky and rich with character—it's a living repository of memories. Its walls may tell tales of the past with every creak and groan, yet the camaraderie within remains vibrant and imbued with historical charm.

LXA Nationals recognizes the uniqueness of this architectural treasure, so much that they've heralded the AO house as a hallmark of their heritage, shining a light on it across social platforms. To get a glimpse of what makes this house so iconic, why not take a virtual tour? Check it out on Instagram or TikTok.

But don't just stay online; immerse yourself in the lore of the AO home by visiting the Heritage section of our chapter's website. It's there you'll uncover the layered history of this storied residence. And if you want to keep the spirit of the old interwoven with the pulse of the new, become a registered member on our site. You'll reconnect with friends from years gone by, meet the new generation, and stay informed about the upcoming plans for a grand celebration marking the house's centennial in 2025.

Explore our heritage, and watch this space for updates on the centennial festivities of a place where tradition and legacy are built to last. Join us in counting down to 2025!

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