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Reliving the Excitement: My Unforgettable College Days at IU-Bloomington and Lambda Chi Alpha

I can't help but feel a flood of nostalgia as I reflect on my time at IU-Bloomington and Lambda Chi Alpha back in the mid-1990s. The memories, the friendships, and the lifelong brotherhood I've experienced with my brothers from 1210 East Third still hold a special place in my heart. Joining Lambda Chi house was truly one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Coming from a small town in Indiana, I was excited to meet new people from all over the state. Little did I know, IU had students from all around the world, which opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. From the moment I went through Rush, I felt an instant connection with the guys in the house. We shared a commitment to academics, intramural sports, and of course, having a good time.

Even now, when I visit Bloomington once or twice a year, I still get that thrill as I drive past Mother Bear's and TIS, and finally lay my eyes on the majestic house that was my home for three years in college – 1210 East Third.

The memories I made in that house are countless, and I often find myself reminiscing and reliving those moments with my brothers, even though we now live scattered across the country. I am immensely proud of the accomplishments of my fellow housemates, seeing them thrive in life, business, philanthropy, and raising their own families.

I still stay connected with my brothers, whether it's through our annual gatherings in different locations or when they visit me in NYC. We've had unforgettable times at numerous weddings, where Chops were front and center as the groomsmen. Our bond remains unbreakable, and I cherish my friendship with them.

As my friends and acquaintances' children attend or prepare to attend IU, I always make sure to highly recommend Lambda Chi and emphasize the incredible value it can bring to their college experience and beyond.

Join me in a journey of nostalgia and lifelong connections – a journey that began at IU-Bloomington and Lambda Chi Alpha.

Go Hoosiers and In Zax,

Darin Leach

AO 1668

IU-Kelley School Grad ‘98

Brooklyn, NY

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Kudos for taking this step to have created an on-line Newsletter! Rex Cowan AO 884 (eat your heart out David . . . you know who you are). ;-)

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