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Friends, trails & unforgettable memories

In 2009, I conquered my first mountain, the majestic Long's Peak in Colorado, standing tall at 14,250 feet. Little did I know that this would ignite a deep-seated passion for mountain hiking, which I now fondly refer to as Senior Mountain Hiking. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Following a grueling expedition up Mt. Kilimanjaro, my good friend David Miller, AO 926, surprised us all by expressing his interest in hiking. Soon after, Wayne Smith, AO 948, and Gary Schimmel, AO 921, joined the group. Together, we formed an incredible bond, and every hiking adventure was filled with laughter and joy.

We sought out the most breathtaking locations, where nature's beauty captivated our very souls. Havasupai Falls in Arizona quickly became one of our favorites, while the trail to Phantom Ranch via the Grand Canyon challenged us like never before. However, my personal favorite remains the Narrows in Zion National Park, a trail so demanding that it is mostly underwater for miles.

Throughout our hiking get-togethers, we reminisced about our wild days at IU, sharing stories about Hell Week, unforgettable experiences, and our "unique" brothers and pledges. The camaraderie knew no bounds.

Hiking became the catalyst that brought our group of four brothers even closer, and Lambda Chi Alpha has been the glue that has held us together all these years. We are forever grateful for our time as members of Lambda Chi.

Just picture yourself surrounded by lifelong friends, journeying through breathtaking landscapes, and experiencing a bond of friendship that continues to grow stronger with each passing year as brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha at IU.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Tom Houlihan - AO 928

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